manpower supply companies in dubai
Fabricators are most demanded skills in the UAE, plays important key role in manufacturing process in an innovative and challenging opportunity. JoinTech provides technically skilled Fabricator across the UAE to design, develop, modify and install fabricated products. Our Fabricator are responsible to provide material specifications, quality control test and also perform various metal structure services such as to cut, shape, align and assembling.  
  • Analyze requirement needs, plan, implement repairs and improvements to manufacturing equipment and tooling within specified timeline.
  • Perform various metal work to cut, shape, and align
  • Assist with technicians and provide support to identify root cause for fabrication issues to
resolve/ implement process tools efficiently.
  • Coordinate with internal audits, prepare reports to assure quality standard testing to
examine strength and durability of the materials.
  • Documenting detailed information on entire phases of projects and report unresolved
issues to authorities to identify possible solutions.
  • Gained knowledge on fabrication fixtures and ability to measure critical dimensions of
fittings using different tool
manpower supply companies in dubai