manpower company in abu dhabi
Insulation are primarily used to helps to maintain temperature of the mechanical system or buildings to save energy and controlling noise level and other factors. JoinTech provides best service across the UAE on subcontractor basis and our Insulators are responsible to measure, cut insulation to fit into walls, ceilings, pipes and other industrial equipment’s based on the specific installation requirements.   The duty of insulators is to  
  • Ensure to follow safe procedures to remove old insulation when renovating buildings remove asbestos/ hazardous materials before begin to install new insulation and securing by using several tools.
  • Determine amount of insulation required and install sheet metal around insulated pipes or other mechanical systems to control noise and maintain weather temperatures.
  • Apply sealants and other coating procedures to protect insulated pipes to minimize degradation.
  • Load and unloads insulation materials, dispose old installation according to the safety guidelines.
  • Install fire stopping materials to prevent fire and smoke spreading throughout a building.
  • Follow proper safety procedures when removing old insulation and maintain workspace tidy
manpower company in abu dhabi