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  At JoinTech, we understand that civil construction is a complex process that requires various design techniques and skilled workers to construct residential, high-rise, and other heavy structures. Our commitment to providing a professional team of Masons is integral to achieving targeted plans and ensuring project success. Our civil construction manpower supply services in Abu Dhabi offer the best Masons who are active, hardworking, and experienced in working on different types of structures and restoration techniques depending on site requirements.   We offer a wide range of masonry services that are typically required in civil construction projects. Our Masons are trained to handle the following responsibilities and methods of construction to support your projects:   Block Mason   JoinTech provides skilled and unskilled Block Mason workforce equipped with the necessary knowledge of materials and methods required to lay out a solid foundation for buildings that support various structures. Solid Blocks are predominantly used in structural foundations for construction purposes. Our workforce is trained to:  
  • Handle manual loads, including lifting and placing blocks.
  • Assist in mounting and covering layers of materials and roofing structures.
  • Mix cement and mortar as needed.
  • Repair and restore old masonry.
  • Pour concrete into a frame chamber to increase compression and strengthen the block.
  • Attach wire mesh or other reinforcing materials to concrete slabs to prevent cracks from forming.
  • Install structural supports to walls or partitions.
  • Inspect work sites for potential hazards or exposed electrical wires before commencing work.
  • Handle tools and equipment to perform the entire construction site securely.
  • Work tirelessly in all weather conditions with other professionals on large-scale projects to deliver high-quality masonry structures.
  Brick Mason   JoinTech, the leading manpower supplier in Abu Dhabi, provides highly skilled and experienced Brick Masons to work on a full-time basis. Our Brick Masons are well-versed in the structural technique of laying out bricks in a systematic pattern and filling mortar to ensure highly durable building structures with different raw materials and structural compositions.   Our Brick Masons possess the following job responsibilities and capabilities:  
  • Perform assigned duties efficiently, including physically laying bricks and concrete blocks.
  • Sustain physical activity for long periods and work in various weather conditions.
  • Demonstrate awareness of potential hazards when working on a construction site and handling tools safely.
  • Possess problem-solving skills to quickly find solutions to construction-related issues.
  • Follow proper safety measures when working with a variety of power tools and building materials.
  Plaster Masons   Protective coating is a crucial element in the renovation or construction of a building, as it serves as a barrier against atmospheric influences and other factors. JoinTech, a manpower subcontractor based in Abu Dhabi, proudly supplies skilled plaster masons across the UAE who are equipped with the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results. Our workforce is committed to enhancing the appearance of buildings by achieving a smooth finish that can be aesthetically pleasing when painted.       Our plaster masons are responsible for the following job responsibilities and possess the following capabilities:  
  • Applying coatings properly and efficiently.
  • Filling gaps and cracks between bricks to provide greater stability to the masonry work.
  • Concealing rough edges and uneven surfaces to achieve a smooth finish that is ready for painting.
  • Using various tools and equipment with proper PPE in a safe and hazard-free manner.
  • Maintaining a clean work site and equipment after completion of the job.
Tile Mason   Tile masonry is an integral aspect of interior design in the construction industry, as it contributes to the creation of an authentic atmosphere that enhances the overall ambiance of the infrastructure. JoinTech is a reputable manpower supplier of skilled tile masons across the UAE who adhere to high quality standards and are capable of implementing layouts that achieve desired patterns or designs in line with client requirements.   The job responsibilities and capabilities of our tile masons include:  
  • Preparing the surface level and making realistic estimates of sizes and quantities.
  • Measuring accurately and marking the surfaces to be tiled.
  • Laying tiles and adjusting the level of alignment with precision.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in using hand or power-cutting tools to accomplish the task.
  • Making precision cuts to fit around abnormal spaces or corners.
  • Ensuring that tiles are completely dry and clean before applying sealant according to superior guidance.
  • Maintaining tools to ensure they are used properly and cleaned after completion.
  • Collaborating effectively with co-workers to ensure quality execution.
  Interlock Mason   Interlock pavers are a contemporary and visually appealing paving solution that provides long-lasting and robust surface structures at an affordable cost. JoinTech, a leading manpower supplier in Abu Dhabi, provides a team of highly skilled experts to perform the interlocking of pathways that fit together seamlessly, forming the desired pattern and executing different shapes of paving stones for residential and commercial spaces.   Our professionals are equipped with the following job responsibilities and capabilities:  
  • Ensuring a proper installation process and leveling of surfaces to form a solid foundation for interlock pavers.
  • Proficient in different types of floor works, including interlock fixing, garden flooring, block installation, etc.
  • Positioning each paver stone tightly together to ensure durability and stable edge restraint, thereby eliminating any lateral movement of the pavers.
  • Working with different patterns and colors based on superior guidance to derive an attractive outcome.
  • Physically fit to carry prepared stones and complete the process of paving sand with high performance.
  • Focused on performing towards satisfying our clients throughout the projects.