uae labor supply

If you’re seeking an innovative team of professional painters to enhance the quality of your construction and design projects, look no further than JoinTech. As a leading manpower subcontractor in the UAE, we supply skilled painters who are proficient in both indoor and outdoor painting, delivering a high standard of workmanship.


Our painters are equipped with the following job responsibilities and capabilities:


  • Conducting a thorough examination of painting surfaces to identify and remove any imperfections
  • Repairing defects in walls by patching holes and scrapes prior to beginning the project
  • Applying primer, paints, and varnishes to walls and surfaces
  • Sanding and sealing surfaces completely to create an added layer of protection and achieve a smoother finish in accordance with precise specifications
  • Adhering to all relevant health and safety protocols while climbing ladders and scaffolding to reach work surfaces
  • Properly maintaining painting tools after completion of the project
  • Conducting inspections to ensure that the completed work meets the highest quality standards.


Spray Painters


JoinTech is a distinguished company that stands out as a premier provider of exceptional UAE manpower supply services. With a vast pool of experienced talents, we supply skilled painters to each of our clients with projects all over the country. Our experienced spray painters possess a deep understanding of the intricate details required to achieve a consistent and accurate finish on various large-scale interior and exterior projects. They are adept at using advanced equipment and techniques to deliver fast spraying speed, a smooth and delicate touch, and an impeccable finish. At JoinTech, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional services that guarantee long-lasting results, making us the preferred choice for all your spray painting needs in the UAE.


Our spray painters are equipped with the following job responsibilities and capabilities:


  • Conducting a thorough cleaning and degreasing of surfaces before painting to ensure a smooth and even finish.
  • Utilizing the appropriate level of pressure to ensure that paint particles are atomized to create a fine mist.
  • Ensuring that surrounding surfaces are properly masked off to prevent any overspray or other unwanted effects.
  • Applying paint with precision to tight corners and smaller areas, resulting in an eye-catching finish.
  • Committed to completing projects in a timely and efficient manner, while adhering to all relevant quality standards.
  • Well-versed in a range of renovation and repair techniques.
  • Conducting routine maintenance on all painting tools and equipment to ensure optimal performance.


Roller Painter


JoinTech manpower supplier supplies high-quality roller painters for both interior and exterior projects across UAE. Our roller painters deliver a smooth finish and are capable of covering large areas with significant amounts of paint without leaving any unsightly streaks. We take pride in our satisfied clients, and the following are the responsibilities and capabilities of our skilled painters:


  • Our painters prepare walls and other surfaces by removing old paint to ensure a smooth painting surface.
  • Our professionals use appropriate rolling techniques to ensure faster and smoother painting.
  • We aim to cover all areas of the wall, including corners, ceiling, and bottom section, to meet the project requirements.
  • Our skilled painters ensure to use continuous motions while moving up and down to achieve an evenly spread layer of paint.
  • We always apply gentle pressure while rolling on the paint to avoid any damage to the surface.
  • Our skilled professionals clean the roller frame and sleeve after completing the work to maintain the tools’ longevity.


Brush Painter


JoinTech is a professional manpower supplier that provides skilled Brush Painters in the UAE. Our Brush Painters are experienced in using brushing techniques to paint corners, window frames, pipes, and radiators to create a greater impression on performing activities. We offer reasonable prices based on client requirements.


  • Conducting a thorough cleaning of walls, including the removal of dust and stains, to ensure that the painting surface is free from any obstructions.
  • Protecting other surfaces in the workspace by covering floors before the priming process begins, preventing chemicals and paint from damaging the area.
  • Ensuring that painting brushes are free from any dust, debris, or grease before commencing work, resulting in a clean and precise finish.
  • Applying paint gently to surfaces, utilizing different types of materials as needed to meet the specific requirements of the project.
  • Possessing the necessary skills to complete tasks related to repairs and renovations, providing an all-in-one solution for clients.
  • Collaborating effectively with coworkers on the entire project while also being capable of independently completing tasks under superior guidance.
  • Maintaining good health and physical condition to perform tasks such as lifting and climbing ladders.
  • Demonstrating a strong work ethic, completing tasks efficiently within required timeframes to meet project deadlines.