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Pipefitters are one of the essential role to operate at optimum level under the pressure systems in industrial environments and ensuring structural integrity of the pipe systems transporting oil, gas or steam. JoinTech, delighted in being the best Pipe Fitter manpower subcontractor in Abu Dhabi to support huge scale and complexity industrial projects with our advanced expertise specialized in various piping systems ranges from high-pressure

steam, hydraulic fluid, and highly volatile chemicals.


Our Pipe Fitter emphasizes following work activities,


  • Responsible to plan pipe system layout, assembly, installation, maintenance or repair according to the proper sizing specifications.
  • Analyzing work orders, material safety data sheets to plan layout, assembly and welding operations.
  • Capable to measure and mark pipes for cutting, welding, and threading by using specific tools such as saws, pipe traders or benders.
  • Connect the pipe section regulator valves to activate and adjust gas flow/pressure to obtain specifications.
  • Assembling pipes or related equipment by welding, brazing, cementing, soldering, or threading joints and attaching to fixtures using welding equipment or clamps based on the specifications.
  • Inspecting installed pipe line systems using pressure gauge, hydrostatic testing, observation or other methods.
  • Creating worksite safe and stable systems to ensure leak free transportation of liquid/ gases or structural weakness.
  • Resolving pipe issues of leaks or clogs.
  • Handling specialized power tools to remove and replace worn-out components