manpower supply in abu dhabi
Plumbing is vital system to provide healthy environment and protect from harmful contaminants. JoinTech provide specialized Plumbers with quite technical knowledge of plumbing solutions and pipe systems to support infrastructure developments projects in Dubai based on the project requirements. Our plumbers perform activities on maintenance, repairing and upgrade existing for commercial, industrial and residential structure plumbing services.  
  • Responsible to assemble, install and repair pipes, fixtures, unclog drains, valves, hot and cold water systems, natural gas fitting, medical gas fitting and equipment’s.
  • Maintain and repair various plumbing components, joining pipes and fitting together using proper techniques to enhance new/ existing buildings.
  • Install prevention plumbing devices helps to prevent backflow and leaks.
  • Ensure to follow health and safety policy at the work environment.
  • Maintain plumbing equipment’s after utilizing for pipe work and perform waste disposal in an efficient manner.
manpower supply in abu dhabi